Hunting and Gathering 

Sam ditched Campbell a couple miles back, not in the mood to carry the older man’s weight around. Sometimes hunting in pairs was a necessity and when it wasn’t, Sam preferred to hunt alone. He’d been tracking a vampire to Mystic Falls, Virgina. He told Campbell he’d get in contact when and if he found a nest. As of right now, he was tracking her on foot. The air was cool and he could see his breath as it left his mouth. With a flashlight in hand, he followed her, trying to keep himself downwind of her trail.

He watched as she went into an alleyway. Readying the stake in his hand, he turned the corner. The flashlight helped to illuminate around him and he saw as her fangs were bearing down on her victim. Throwing the stake through the air like a dagger, he waited to see it penetrate through her back. His face was already forming a wicked smile, believing his hunt to be a short one.

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    [[MORE]]Katherine offered Sam a purr of approval as her head titled to the side to allow his lips more room. He answered...
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    [[MORE]]Sam resumed his position, his lips pressed against her shoulder. He chuckled lightly against her skin. “I don’t...

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